Thursday, January 5, 2017


Good morning guys.

I know it has been a while since my last post, but i am back. Last year was really hard for me because i was new at college and i have to much to do. But this year i am going to organize better my time so that way i can dedicate much more time to my blog and improve it.

I am going to be answering to all your comments and all your tweets and everything.

Thank you so much for all the support. 
Lots of love 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Information about my posting times

Hello guys,

hope you guys are having an amazing day and night. I have been so busy because last week was my first week of college, so i have to do many things like homework, meetings and many other stuff.

I know i promise you guys that i was going to post every single day but this is going to be imposible because college got me to much time so i am going to be posting on Friday night and on Sundays night. So please be tune during this days o see my new posts.

Lots of love

PS i miss you guys so much

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Favorite Street Styles Looks

Hello guys,

I am so sorry about not posting this last week, i have been so busy with college!. I am going to change my days to upload i am going to be uploading just 3 time during the week because it is easier to me to plan what i am going to upload, to take the pictures and write the post.

Today i am going to talk and share my favorite street styles. I am going to post my favorite pictures that i found on pinterest and i am in love with.

This first one is one of my favorites because it is super classy and chic at the same time. So you are super comfy but at the same you are rocking that classy style.

This second one is just perfection in an outfit. This outfit has my favorite colors and my favorite shoes. I really want this adidas superstars shoes. 

This next outfit is really beautiful and girly. I love withe because it goes basically with everything and this outfit look really clean and beautiful. 

The last one is perfect. I do not know if you notice that i am a plane girl. I love the plane colors because they go with everything and the coat in this outfit is just perfect for cold days. And the white shoes are back. 

Hope you guys like my post. I am So sorry in my next post i will tell you the days i am going to be uploading so you can stay tune. I am so sorry i know i told you guys that i was going to be posting daily but college got me so busy so i need to change my schedule. 

Hope you understand me. 


Friday, July 15, 2016

30 Facts About Me

This is not easy for because i normally do not talk about myself. I am kind of shy and i hate when it comes about me. Talking about me is probably the hardest things to me. I create this blog to express my ideas without talking in public, but then i realize that even of having a blog i have to talk with other people. Today i want to talk to you about me, so that way you can meet me and know me a little better. 

But first i have to say i am sorry about not uploading this week i have been so busy with school things and having time with my family because i am going to college next week, so i want to have like the best lats week of vacations. 

This is so hard but let`s do this.

1. I am a huge fan of cats, I have two of them. One is call Tobias and the other one is called Simon.

2. I love blogging

3. I love sun. Let me explain, I am this type of people that hates the the rain comes over; i love when the sun comes out and i go outside and lay on the ground and burn myself ( i am kidding).

4.I am a huge fan of traveling i am this type of person that loves going around the world trying new food meeting a lot of people. I wish i could travel the world. 

5. I love pasta. It is my favorite food.

6. I study Economy.

7. I love doing exercise and eating well. I love waking up super early in the morning to go for a run and do my ab routine.

8. I am a huge fan of fashion.

9. I have a problem with buying clothes. I have a lot of clothes and overtime i go out i buy a new thing to my closet. 

10. I love Nike shoes. I have an obsession, because i have every single thing of their workout clothes. I just love them.

11. I can not wake up without listening to music. It is really weird.

12. I went to acting classes when i was 13 or 14.

13. I love to sing. Actually i have a channel in YouTube where you can see me singing. 

14. I talk Spanish and English. I really want to learn French or German. 

15. I love reading books. When i have a really chill out day because i do not have to much to do i love sitting down and reading like for 6 hours straight. 

16. The next destination on my must-visit list is Paris and London. I can`t wait until i can finally go!

17. My ideal evening is one where i can go around the city with the sun out, discovering new places. 

18. I hate staying at home doing nothing. I fell i need to be productive during the day so i like to be moving all the time. 

19. I am a huge fan of donuts.

20. I hate spiders. 

21. I love Bananas. I have to eat at least one band per day.

22. I like studying. I know most of the teenagers hate school and studying and doing homework, but for me it is nothing bad. I like to come home from school and sit down to do my homework. 

23. I want to be a famous singer.

24. I want to go to beautycon.

25. One of my biggest dreams is to live in Los Angeles.

26. My first concert was Justin Bieber, Believe Tour.

27. I want the Adidas Superstar black and white shoes so bad. 

28. I can not wear heels. It just hate them. I just can`t. 

29. I love wearing black and blue.

30. I love the back to school season.

Well this was everything about me. Hope you guys have the opportunity to know me better. Please in the comments put a random think about you; i want to know you guys better. 


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My Workout Routine

Working out is something really important in our lives, because the we work out we have more energy during the day and it helps our body and minds to stay in shape. I am this type of people that loves working out in the morning and everyday.

Working out in the morning for me personally is Way better than working out at night, because in the morning you have more energy and you are much more motivated to do it; during the night you are going to be probably sleepy or tired and you are going to say i work out tomorrow and never do it.

The first i recommend to start or be motivate to workout is having cute workout clothes because i do not know the reason but it helps. This ones are my favorite workout clothes.

My workout clothes consist on a Withe tank, some Shorts from Reebok, and my Black and white nike run shoes.




I tried to create like a workout routine but it also depends on how i am feeling that day and if i am sick or not.

So my workout routine starts with me doing some cardio during 40 minutes, sometimes i like to go running outside, going on a hike or running indoors. I buy a a machine to do exercise (elliptical) in where i love to do 40 to 60 minutes of cardio.

 When i am done with cardio i move into my legs and abs workout. What i like to do is going into my laptop and search for Blogilates or Rebecca (i love this channels because this womens make the best workout routine ever), i love working out with their routines because if you are constant you are going to see the changes your body and i love it.

I think this is my workout routine, so i hope it help you and motivate you to start your own routine depending on your body and on what you want to work. 

See you tomorrow with a new post. Do not forget i am posting every day.


Monday, July 11, 2016

skin Care Routine for Sundays Nights

So i love to relax and calm down myself, because i am this type of people that suffers of stress and sometimes anxiety. During school time i am more likely to suffer this so what i like to do is to have like a Spa night every Sunday. Sometimes i go to a real spa but you now that can be expensive, so i search ways to do my now spa. 

One of the things i love to do during this spa night is getting my skin clean, so that way i do not have acne and oil skin. For years i have been trying a lot of products and looking for the best at my skin. I finally found them and today i want to share this products with you. 

When i do this Spa nights i love to make myself a facial, where i can celan my skin perfectly. This products i use are amazing because i do my facial on Sunday and my skin stays clean all the week. 

This facial is my favorite. I am going to share with you the steps i do follow when i do my facial, and all the products i use. 

1. The first think i do is take off my make up with the SENTIVA makeup remover. I think this one is my favorite step because i feel my skin much more natural and that makes me feel relax. 

2. The second think i do is wash my face with the SENTIVA SUAV-GEL FACE CLEANER. This part is really good because is when you are taking all the dirtiness from the day . 

3. The step three is exfoliate your skin with the SENTIVA EXFOLIAGE to take all the imperfections and acne out. 

4. The next step is the best one because this part is when i apply my SENTIVA INTENSIVE MASK. While i wait for my mask to set i like to lay down and close my eyes while i relax and take big breaths. 

5. The next step is toning your face with the SENTIVA HYDRA-TONIC.

6. Then is time to mustrize your face with the SENTIVA AQUA-FIX.

This one is the routine i follow every Sunday before going to bed because i love to wash my hair and deep clean my face to start right the weekend. 

The other days of the week i do like to use other products and i want to share with you guys the other products. I am not going into detail because this post was not about them so that is why. 

Those are the products i use on a normal day. 

hope you guys liked my post, make sure to come back tomorrow. 


Sunday, July 10, 2016

How To Style Black Jeans


I am so sorry about the hour but yesterday i had the busiest day ever. I went to my driving lesson, I had my driving exam, then i went to have lunch with my mother, Then i went to buy some stuff for college (if you want me to do a back to school haul makes sure to comment down below) and then i went to the cinema.

Today i want to share with you guys something i love. You guys know i love styling clothes and try how it looks if i combined. So today i want to share with you, as the tittle says, how to style black jeans. I am going to share with you some of my favorite styles i did find on Pinterest because i did have no time to take the pictures.

So i am going to put the pictures down here so you can see how to style black jeans. I have like three categories i did like, so i am going to share with you all of them.

1. The first one is all black. i love this idea because is super classy and it looks really nice if you are going for lunch, dinner, to a Gala, i do not know i just think it looks good all the time. and you can wear the shoes you want, even if they are withe or pink.


2. The second one is White T-shirt. I really love this one because it looks classy and super stylish, and we all know white is the color.

3. The last one is Stripes. This one is my absolute favorite i love love love love love stripes and i am always wearing stripes in every single color you can imagine. I think it looks really cute and i look so good. And with black pants it looks really beautiful.

Well guys this was my post for today. I am so sorry about yesterday but i was really really busy with everything. I love you lots , hope you come back tomorrow to see more and moree.


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